Illegal Dream Sharing

I’m not sure if there is some unwritten rule about sharing other people’s dreams, but if there is, I’m going to go ahead and break it. I love dreams, and I think they are a testament to our wild and vivid imaginations that we may have forgotten we still have. Last night, Ryan told me about a dream that made me want to giggle and clap my hands. I was kind of jealous of his dream, because I always find mine very entertaining, but his surely takes the cake in this round. Here is my version of what he told me:

I had an older brother (Major Nelson, is that you?), who traded penny stocks and made a lot of money really early in his life. He was single and decided to buy a nice place that was brand new, just built, never lived in, spic, span, and shining. Well, it turned out not to be what he had hoped for, so he was going to be featured on an HGTV show and then he was going to buy the place right next door. Apparently this newer new location was just perfect for my brother and all of his dogs. Oh, you didn’t know he had dogs? Well he did, and he really loved them, too. Everywhere you went in his immaculate new house, there was water for the dogs. And I don’t mean water like tap water in a bowl, I mean pools and fountains and hot tubs, galore!  My brother really loved his dogs, and his dogs really loved water. Obviously. And so we visited my brother in his new home, and we just love love loved it (I added that part in – I’m not sure how we really felt about the doggy water park house). Although his place was brand new, there was some sort of insect problem out in the covered garage area that didn’t have walls – this is where the hot tubs were. While Ryan was out there, he got bit by a bug. You know, the kind that turn your skin purple? We didn’t know much about them, but he showed his purple thumb to his mom (who was at my brother’s house for unknown reasons), and she dismissed it and told him not to worry. A little later when his whole hand was a bright, crayola-marker purple, his mom said, “Okay, I think you should probably go to the hospital now”. The end.

Don’t you love it? Did you giggle and clap your hands? When he told me about it, I didn’t provide him with the appropriate response (example: giggling and/or clapping of hands), but I was really tickled when I thought about it again this morning. Also, after sitting at work for 8 hours and then sitting in class for 3 hours, I think it is excusable to have a 12 hour delayed reaction. And did you think of Golden Retrievers?  Me too!

Important announcement: Slyson Dice is coming home today! My dad said, “Yes, you may get that feline friend for Valentine’s Day!” And so she is.

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