Today I wore my moccasins to work because I was feeling blue and thought that maybe they would help me make it through the day. Oh, is it not socially acceptable to wear them in public? Nobody sees my feet anyway, but I wore my black and white heart socks just in case they do. Don’t worry – my jeans cover up my socks and almost all of the shoes except for the toe, so it is fine. Plus, moccasins are cool, and recently my boyfriend told me I was “at one with nature”, so I’m just proving that to everyone else.

Did you notice the flour on the left one? That’s because I baked last night. It is Valentine’s Day weekend, after all. My friend Ashley B has an apron and will make the perfect little wife one day. I think I need an apron, too. My only apron requirements are that it should have ruffles and pockets. Have you crafted your valentine a valentine yet? You should probably go ahead and get on that.

Did you want to see some pictures of my mom’s Valentine’s Day gift? Okay! He went through an official name change and is now Mr. Tank Slyse Ovitch (TSO), aka Slyson Dice. Don’t you love him?  He is obviously feeling very comfortable in his new home, lounging lazily in the sun with the mermaid and sea shells.

Rex loves his new uncle and can't wait to send him some mail.  Rex writes funny letters.  I hope Tank likes to write back.

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Sherry said...

Queen of Quite Alot sure is spoiled!