Baby Love

This morning I flew to Richmond to visit my lovely friend Mandy to shower her with baby love. She is expecting identical twin girls, Zoey Grace and Lillianah Rae, and I couldn’t be happier for her and Lonnie. Their family of two is about to double in size, and we need to make sure she is well prepared for the girls’ arrival. I love Mandy because she laughs really hard, talks really fast, is always so full of energy, and because her dad always sent her back to school with lots of cheese and other snacks. She taught me how to speak "back talk" (maybe it is called "double talk"?), which makes me giggle, but is a lesson for another day.  I also love her because she adds “cat” to everyone’s name. You know, like “Jenny Cat” and “Sioby Cat” and “Nellie Cat”. I’m very excited to see all the cats and visit with the mommy-to-be.  The girls braved the Baltimore and DC snow storms to get here, and I'm so excited for all of us to be together again - even if it is for a brief 24 hours.  Here are some of the cats on their last trip to Mandy's:

I ordered Zoey and Lillianah these sweet baby hats, embroidered in pink and orange (the colors of their nursery), from Mrs. McKenzie on Etsy. She even featured them on her website!  If you haven't shopped on Etsy, you really need to start.

Zoey and Lillianah are also getting precious little pink and orange pajamas with bumblebee toes, because what little girl can have a hat without a matching outfit? And, of course, they needed pink towels with panda bear hoods! I can’t want to meet these little angels. I just love love loves babies. And TWINS! How fun!

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