Thanks to Zac and Lindsay, we were able to participate in the 2012 Summer Olympics :: six couples, six events, and a ton of fun.  Ryan and I wore custom made “Tayor Gang Or Die” shirts and wristbands, nominating ourselves for Gold in the Best Outfit event, which didn’t actually exist.  And, since we are being honest, we just randomly found the shirts in the mall about two hours before the Opening Ceremony.  Not 100% sure what the “Taylor Gang” really is, but we’re sure we would have made them proud with our Olympic team performance.  We also steered clear of going in public places, just in case we would get shot for wearing them.

"Taylor Gang or Die" placed in every event except Ladder Ball.  We were both first timers, and obviously we will be practicing nightly in anticipation of the 2016 Summer Games.  I must say that I was able to hold my own, and Ryan and I pretty equally contributed to the overwhelming “Taylor Gang Or Die” success.

 Here’s the breakdown of our medals ::  Ring Toss Bronze, Cornhole Silver, Can Jam Silver, Beer Pong Gold, Minute-To-Win-It Gold Overall Gold.

High fives all around, but remember ... Taylor Gang ... Or Die.