The Rest of T&C



The Deck

A collection of awkwardly angled self portraits from a night at The Deck in Turks and Caicos.


My tan is already gone and I want to cry a little about it.


Drawing Something

Draw Something still makes me laugh out loud.  Drawing animals is probably my favorite. Especially dinosaurs.  Watching people erase things is my second favorite.  And don't worry, my sister and I have way surpassed turn number 68 by now.






The Cat Bed

While vacationing in the British West Indies, I caught a bad case of what I self diagnosed as Tuberculosis and or West Nile.  It turned out to be just a common cold, which a good dose of Airborne, Nyquil, and three different types of cough drops have since pretty successfully cured.  Ryan caught a bad case of sleeplessness that resulted from his 19 encounters with a pretty vicious mosquito. 

One night, I awoke from a crazy island cough syrup induced dream to the glow of the iPad next to me.  I asked Ryan what he was looking at – usually Chicago Sports, CNN, or some other super boring topic like stocks or bar graphs – but before he could hide the screen, I caught a glimpse of … a cat!  “Shhh.  I’m shopping.  Go back to sleep,” he told me.  Things get fuzzy at this part of the story, and I suppose I really did just go back to sleep.  But a cat. At 1 o’clock in the morning.  While we are in Turks and Caicos.  Maybe he set up a webcam to watch Rex while we were gone?   Or maybe he was shopping for a new kitten?   Or just looking at images of black cats because he misses Rex so much?

Fast forward to this Tuesday night when Ryan presents me with a large brown cardboard box.  Clearly, he is extremely pleased with himself, and Rex begins pawing at the box.  Yay!  A little brother came in the mail!  Not so, but just as good – the swankiest, fanciest, most comfortable cat bed you’ve ever seen.  We approve!

PS: Ryan will adamantly deny his love for Rex.  Actions, however, speak louder than words.  Especially actions that take place when you are 1,000 miles away. The end.


Turks & Caicos

No words necessary.



To T&C We Go

Tomorrow we will wake up and get on a plane to go to Turks and Caicos.  I am le excited.  Excited for my first spring break as a teacher.  Excited to use my passport.  Excited for my first real vacation.  Excited for islands.  And super excited to clomp around in my new flippers.  I'll also get to wear a few of my bathing suits.

 I couldn't decide, so I figured I'd bring at least ten.  Does anyone else suffer from bathing suit hoarding?  And have you tried lip stain?

 After testing out a few brands, Revlon's Just Bitten is by far my favorite.  It's a few more dollars than Cover Girl's, but it doesn't dry out and there is a chapsticky little something attached to the end of it.  Bonus!  The colors aren't nearly as crazy as they look on the tube, and it stays on without smudging.  Drink proof and kiss proof for real.  Ryan hates lipstick though, so if you were looking to get kisses from him, think again.  We make our own decisions around here, so if I want bright lips, I have bright lips, and if Ryan wants to wear combat boots with skulls on them, he wears combat boots with skulls on them.  He doesn't really, but it was under strong consideration early today.  I reminded him that it wasn't the 80s, and he reminded me that he makes his own decisions.  So there.

I have new nails and toes.  (Part of my Valentine's Day that I've been saving for a special something like spring break.)  I also have the knuckles of an 73 year old.  We are going to have fun.  And we are going to try to take a lot of pictures.  I hope you have something exciting to do, too.  Like snorkeling or ATV tours around the island or finding creative ways to wear all two dozen of your swim suits in 7 days.