The Cat Bed

While vacationing in the British West Indies, I caught a bad case of what I self diagnosed as Tuberculosis and or West Nile.  It turned out to be just a common cold, which a good dose of Airborne, Nyquil, and three different types of cough drops have since pretty successfully cured.  Ryan caught a bad case of sleeplessness that resulted from his 19 encounters with a pretty vicious mosquito. 

One night, I awoke from a crazy island cough syrup induced dream to the glow of the iPad next to me.  I asked Ryan what he was looking at – usually Chicago Sports, CNN, or some other super boring topic like stocks or bar graphs – but before he could hide the screen, I caught a glimpse of … a cat!  “Shhh.  I’m shopping.  Go back to sleep,” he told me.  Things get fuzzy at this part of the story, and I suppose I really did just go back to sleep.  But a cat. At 1 o’clock in the morning.  While we are in Turks and Caicos.  Maybe he set up a webcam to watch Rex while we were gone?   Or maybe he was shopping for a new kitten?   Or just looking at images of black cats because he misses Rex so much?

Fast forward to this Tuesday night when Ryan presents me with a large brown cardboard box.  Clearly, he is extremely pleased with himself, and Rex begins pawing at the box.  Yay!  A little brother came in the mail!  Not so, but just as good – the swankiest, fanciest, most comfortable cat bed you’ve ever seen.  We approve!

PS: Ryan will adamantly deny his love for Rex.  Actions, however, speak louder than words.  Especially actions that take place when you are 1,000 miles away. The end.

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Ms. Li Voti said...

LMAO! Is this like the time when you had a yellow tongue? TB!? Really? I heart you so!