My Brother Major Nelson

When is the last time you watched I Dream of Jeannie? And did you love it? And did you know that Jeannie spelled her name like that? I didn’t. Thank goodness for Google!

Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, I pack up my purse and put on my jacket to head home for a quiet hour of lunch with Rex-a-roni (my mom calls him that). Today was a good day for both Rex and I because he got to eat tortilla chips that I dumped on the ground, and I found $100 in my kitchen drawer! Do you keep $100 bills in your kitchen drawer? I try not to make a habit of it, but sometimes it just happens. Like when your parents give you Christmas money and you put it away for a rainy day and you totally forget about it. That’s what happened to me, and I am feeling very pleased with myself for not spending it foolishly. So this weekend, I will probably go and spend it foolishly. Imagine all the fantastic treats I can get!

Were you wondering how I Dream of Jeannie comes into play? Well, Rex and I watched it during lunch while we ate our tortilla chips and steamed vegetables. Confession: I think Major Nelson is really cute! In fact, I think that if my sister was a boy, that’s what she would look like. And she would also be an astronaut … obviously.

I really like my sister. I would pay $100 cash for her because I think she is fantastic and sometimes really funny. And I’m glad she isn’t a boy, even though that would mean Mr. Nelson would have been my brother, and I would have had Jeannie as my sister-in-law. Are Mr. Nelson and Jeannie even married, or are they just shacking up?

Ashley makes a superb sassy face.  Don't you agree?  Also, please don’t compare our noses - I obviously got the short end of the stick.

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Sherry said...

Dear Tes,
I am sorry that you inherited the crazy genes.