UD on FB & US of T

Last night I was really into acronyms. They’re fun and easy and Stacey and I used to be able to have conversations this way. It would happen like this:

S: Do you want to go to the M? We need some C.
Me: Oh, yeah we do need some C! Hmm. WT?
S: AC around 4.
Me: Okay! NT is on tonight too. DF!

(Do you want to go to the market? We need some coffee. Oh, yeah we do need some coffee! Hmm. What time? After class around 4. Okay! Nip/Tuck is on tonight too. Don’t forget!)

We can also sing entire songs in acronyms. I love Stacey because she is silly. And because she’s going to have lots of babies who will one day grow up and say "Wow, our mom was really silly." And they’ll be really silly too, because that is just what happens. The world can never have too many sillies.

So, about this Urban Dictionary thing on Facebook … I’m not usually crazy about Facebook and all of the status update trends, but this one made me giggle. Here is what you do: go to Urban Dictonary and type your first name in the “look up” box. What does it say? Mine says:

Tessa: derived from the word "asset" (spelled backwards) representing a princess who is loved by everyone, and has already found her knight in shining armor.

How did they know!? Here are some truths about UD's definition of Tessa:

1) In 9th grade, I ran for VP of the freshman class and gave a speech that was kind of silly and centered on how my name spelled backwards is “asset”.
2) My mom is the self-proclaimed “Queen of Quite A Lot”, and therefore I must have some sort of princess status.
3) Wow! Everyone loves me? I am so flattered.
4) I have found my knight in shining armor!
5) I do believe in fairytales!

Another UD definition is:

Tessa: from the ancient Greek term meaning "one who likes to accessorize."

This is also true - especially with scarves and rings. But, just FYI, UD has a lot of typos and misspellings and I’m pretty sure that this is not scholary accurate information that they are providing. (And some are not so appropriate - so be warned.)  Nevertheless, I’d love to hear what your name means. And do you believe in fairy tales and happily ever afters? Circle yes or no.

Also, have you seen United States of Tara? Do you have STOD (Showtime On Demand)? Me neither … but maybe your boyfriend or SO (significant other) has it? If so, I have a list of shows for you to watch, and US of T is near the top of it. It’s about a lady with multiple personalities, but it is hilarious and awkward and not sad – except episode 8 which made me cry last night. The new season starts March 22, so I suggest starting the first season now. Go ahead. You know you want to.

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Sherry said...

So I looked up my name in UD on FB and discovered it means:QOQAL who is adored by her children and needs a cat.