Boot Help for Spring Nostalgia

I should know better than to order two pairs of boots and think that I would be able to send one back. Help?

Images from Zappos.com. (The second pair is much more gray in real life.)

It’s Wednesday, which means our week is halfway over. Ryan’s flag football team won the championship game last night, and although I wasn’t there to support him, I’m very proud of my QB and his fancy strategizing. Do I sound like I know what I’m talking about? I don’t. I’m just 89% sure that he is the quarterback and thinks up all the plays for his team. Way back when, I visited the Panthers Stadium to watch his team play in a big, confusing tournament. He was playing on two different teams and I could never keep track of him, but once in a while he’d run up into the stands and give me a quick kiss on the top of the head. It was a happy weekend because we were so new and I had no idea what his favorite ice cream is or how he folds his shirts or that we would be spending the next very long time together. My sister and my sweet friend Kellie accompanied me to the games and we soaked up vitamin D on the first two sunny days in April. Maybe a few minutes of football were watched, but we mainly hid behind big sunglasses and talked about girly things like boys and love and sunburns.

I can’t believe how quickly time is passing. I’m certainly not trying to rush it away, but those April sunrays will be back before we know it. And as much as I say I’m not ready for spring and summer, maybe I am just a little nostalgic for the warmer weather and all the fun that comes with it. Plus, Kellie is moving back, and that makes my heart really happy!


Meghan C said...

I think i like the pair on the right. I feel like you could wear them out more.. but if you are going for the more cozy look go for the one on the left.. its just what you want to use them for but both adorable :)
p.s. i cant wait for the warmer weather.. we are getting another 2 feet of snow today on the other 2 feet we had. BRING ON SUMMER!!

Sherry said...

You should keep both pair to make your feet feel double the happiness. Who doesn't like smiling toes? You may or may not get a Valentine to help with your purchase.

Tess said...

:) Thanks, lovelies. I was going for casual, but you are right, Megs, I could def dress up the ones on the right more. The thing about keeping them both is spending double the money! I still haven't spent that $100 from Christmas, so I guess I could just treat myself!