Mustache Day

Today is Mustache Day. Please, since I know you have questions, just allow me to show you what this means.

Heck yes. This is for real, people. Mustache Day is an official thing. If you work, shop, or live at Trader Joe’s, that is. And if you live there, let’s talk, because you have 24/7 access to the best oranges in the history of Charlotte, NC. My sister and I stumbled into Mustache Day on accident. It was after we ate Yoforia’s taro flavored frozen yogurt. Let me clarify: 1) Yes, taro is the purple-ish potato-ish thing that Brixx Pizza makes delicious chips out of … 2) Yes, taro frozen yogurt is nothing short of amazing … 3) I know, Mustache Day and Taro Yoforia happening in the same hour of the same day is also nothing short of amazing.

You can read (and see) more about Mustache Day here. We laughed so hard that we cried. Mainly, I cried out of my right eye, which may have just been watering from accidently stabbing it with a mascara wand earlier. It is really hard to keep a straight face when you are taking pictures of yourself with a mustache, but I encourage you to try. No word on why Mustache Day exists or if/when it will come back, but I’ll do some research and keep you posted.

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ashley said...

I think this post deserves more pictures. We are quite photogenic with our 'staches. What does Ryan think about these priceless pics?