My New Gig

Not even a week of joblessness has gone by, and I’ve already snagged a new gig! My new title: Aunt Tessa Bug. You can call me ATB, or just point and say “Hi, Kitty!” or “DaDa!” or “Mapple!” or “Nana!” like Alekzander does. I’ll take you to the park, swing swings for hours, impress you with my basketball skills, feed you nanas and mapples, read book after book after book, teach you the "h" sound, visit the duck ducks, spray you with a hose, and let you knock down all of my sand castles without getting my feelings hurt. If you’re really good, I’ll even let you have a frozen strawberry fruit bar and continuously wipe your hands, belly, face, and legs because you are strangely concerned with being messy:

Doesn't it sound fun?  I’ve loved my three days of play with this almost one and a half year old. Plus, I like to think that I’m basically his favorite Bug ever.  So now you can call me ATB the FBE.  The end.


ashley said...

You will always be his FBE. Thanks for taking care of our sweet babe! Maybe next time, you should focus on teaching him to say "Bug" ... Love you!

Sherry said...

I am so jealous!