In Transition

I am officially in transition. Please also see: unemployed and homeless. But happily so, and actually I’m technically neither, although it is starting to feel that way. I’m packing up my life into neat stacks of teal, gray, and blue bins and then sticking them in storage until I return from my five weeks of training in Mississippi and have a new home here in Charlotte. Life is funny and never happens the way we want it to. Then it does, and we get scared of leaving. And by we, I mean I. Although I’m very excited to start this new chapter of my life – especially knowing that this is absolutely the right thing for me to be doing – quite frankly, the whole thing just makes me want to vom. Big time. But for some reason, I think that is okay. And I suppose I can carry a bucket around with me … just in case. PS: I won’t really vom. I haven’t done that since my parents made me go to gifted school every Friday. And also maybe once on a tree outside of Fuel Pizza uptown, but that’s a story for a different day.

Basically, this makes me happy, and provides a small satisfactory calm in the midst of my chaos:

Please bring your attention to the "fragile" and "super fragile" labels. I love organization. And, I have it. Rex likes it too:

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