The Button

Last night Ryan took me out to celebrate my brilliance. It is also our 25th seventh today, so I went ahead and stuck that into the celebration hat as well. We went to Vida for a pineapple beverage, and then walked over to Mortimer’s. Mortimer’s is nothing fancy, but it is quickly becoming one of our favorite spots. They serve yummy fresh sandwiches, wraps, salads, and other little simplicities that will make your belly smile. As a bonus, Mortimer’s plays good 90s music, has a cute logo, is tucked away in the forgotten side alley of the Epicenter, and has an awesome copper ceiling. Ryan would tell you they also have big TVs for him to watch his beloved sports on.

We spent a lot of our dinner time looking up pictures of the mini giraffe from the Direct TV commercial … mainly because Rex needs one. Immediately. We also looked up pictures of celebrities that Ryan thinks he looks like. For example: the Russian guy with the mini giraffe from the Direct TV commercial. Then we spent a lot of the rest of our dinner time taking pictures of ourselves on our phones. It mainly went like this:

Tessa, what are you looking at?
I don’t know, what am I supposed to be looking at?
You’re looking at the button. I can’t even see your eyes. Open your eyes! They look like black holes!
My eyes are open!
Okay now half of your face is in the shadows.
Alright. You're right. Okay, ready.
Tessa, look at my face. You’re looking at the button.
I’m looking at your face! Where are my eyes?!
You looked at the button again. Stop looking at the button. It’s like you’re making sure I’m going to press it. I’ll press the button.
I can’t stop looking at the button! Okay, I’m going to look at the TV. I’m looking at the TV!
You looked at the button.

And so we're left with this:

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