Holiday Leftovers

Last night, Ryan and I were at the Bobcat’s last home game of the season (we think).  Well, we know we were there, but we think it was their last home game.  It really doesn’t matter because they aren’t very bueno anyway.  My favorite part of the game was wearing a new shirt.  And also the part when all of the local mascots jumped on a trampoline to dunk the ball.  One of them was a wolf with his tongue sticking out and he pretended to lick a referee.   Those creatures are pretty funny.  Even Rex’s great grandfather, Sir Purr of the Carolina Panthers, was there!  Oh, and also my other favorite part was when I ate a pear.  A pear!  At a basketball game.  And I also also (yes, two alsos) liked the part when one of Ryan’s coworkers told us she had these leftover pictures from the holiday party.  Remember when we did all that fiesta-ing?

There were maybe 300 too many glasses on the table that night.

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