Funny and Fun Bucks

My dad makes me laugh. I think he is funny, and I think I am funny, too. Yesterday I sent a text to my sister that said: I think I’m really funny. And she wrote back to tell me: You are funny. But maybe she thinks I am funny, but not really funny, which now makes me concerned.

On March 23, I told her this: The day I went running in my purple Nikes was yesterday. And I thought I was maybe going to die. For real. Pigs were flying and I was hunched over on the side of the road about to vomit. I was thinking that maybe someone could put me on the dollar/mile program, so yesterday I nearly killed myself for a dollar and a dime that nobody is really going to pay me. Yep, that’s right. I ran 1.1 mile(s?) and died. The end.

I know that is what I told her because I looked it up on Facebook, and it’s a true story. So yesterday morning, after two weeks of my mom asking me if I’d checked my mail yet, I checked my mail. I quickly sorted through the unimportant stuff and spotted two envelopes that were clearly from someone whose name wasn’t Wachovia or Verizon or AARP (why do I get AARP stuff every day?). One was a love letter and special star sticker from my mom, and the other was a card from my dad.

The card is maybe for a seven year old. And I love it. A yellow mother bear with flowers on her head is sitting on a hill, hugging her white bear child. Inside, in his unique mixture of capital and lowercase letters, my dad wrote:

I’m so proud of
you I heard you ran a mile …
call me when you think
I owe you money.
1 fun buck per mile.
Love you,

Four dollar bills were enclosed. And yes, he really wrote "Tessa's Dad". It made me really happy. And I think he is really funny, don’t you? Circle yes or no.  So. Looks like I have 2.9 miles to run. And in case you didn't pick up on this, I don't run.  Or exercise.  Ever.  In fact, I just finished off a half gallon of thin mint icecream last night.


ashley said...

I finished reading this and giggled and said, "Oh Tessa, you're funny." But Dad is pretty funny too. Mom and I are missing our funny bones?

Tess said...

You guys are funny too. In a seriously funny oxymoron kind of way. Plus, mom sleeps in winter hats.

Ashley said...

The whole family is funny. In a creative, whimsical, wonderful kind of way. That's why I love your whole family.

Perfectly Perrywinkle said...

Loved reading this! Come run with me! I actually look up the 5k schedules online to see if there are any fun races going on...funny thing is, I don't run either! I guess maybe scheduling out the race schedule makes me semi feel like I'm participating, ha!

Sherry said...

I think I am fun fun funny. I never met anyone funnier than me until I met Dad. Then we made Ashley and you. What's not funny about wearing a turtle neck under a bathing suit with boots? Ashley is hysterical. Did you ever see her dance?