My First Date with Perry

I had my first date with Perry of Perfectly Perrywinkle this Saturday morning. We had previously met through mutual friends and even attended a bridal shower, a wedding, a baby shower, and a New Year’s Eve celebration together. But this was our first real date. There is nothing not to like about Perry – I mean, after all, she is Perfectly Perrywinkle (and sweet as pie) – and our shared love for blogging, clothes, and crafts kindled an immediate friendship.

Perry’s kitchen table is her creative space, and it is covered in various fabrics, feathers, ribbons, paints, pearls, buttons, jars, hot glue sticks, and anything else a crafty girl’s heart could dream of. She makes nursery art, cupcakes, headbands, headboards, cookies, hair clips, pillows, and I’m sure so much more. Perry even has her own supply of lacey underwear elastic (which can double as a stretchy headband for a baby). Also, we were wondering … who makes their own panties? And why?

You can find more of Perry’s adorable creations here in her Etsy shop. While I was visiting, she concocted Mardi Gras Madness, while I twisted up Sweet Simplicity. I think her headbands are adorable for you or your little ones. I love wearing a party on my head!  Don't you?  And, just saying, you should probably stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway!


ashley said...

Oooo.... maybe Perry needs another crafternoon with some fellow crafters to make Queens Cup inspired head-dresses... I'd be happy to model the creation(s) at the Queens Cup and pass out business cards!! :)

Sherry said...

I want to play. Did you show her my stick people?