The time I get to spend with my nephew is p to the recious. He is getting way too big for his britches – actually, his britches fit fine since my sister dresses him in the appropriate size, but maybe he’s just getting way too big too fast for my liking. He has a mouth full of teeth and is climbing up stairs, sliding down slides, talking to the duck-ducks, requesting bananas, rolling down hills, and running (sometimes drunkingly so) to make some calls on his mama’s cell phone when she isn’t looking.

Last night, Alekzander, Ashley, and I played at the park, visited the duck-ducks, rode on a tractor, and swung up to the moon and back again in their front yard. While we were hard at play, Andrew made us pasta, broccoli, bread, and sweet tea for dinner. More than once, Alekzander asked me to share my bread with him from across the table – he has quite the appetite, that little one. Later, we drew on the bathtub walls and read his favorite books about cats. I love cat books! Especially when you can pet the fluffy cat bellies and fuzzy cat tails while you read. Alekzander showed me his belly button, shared his pet panda, and let me play with his fruit puzzle before bed time. I really like him.

Most importantly – besides the delicious snuggles and hugs – we have these forever memories to make us smile for the rest of always:


ashley said...

Thanks for coming to play and share your love. We love you ATB!

Sherry said...

I am so jealous! I can't decide if I'm jealous of Alekzander or of you! Loveyourmother