Los Bulls

The Bulls were in town yesterday, and if you know anything about anything about Ryan, you will know that he went to see them. I don’t even think Ryan loves me as much as he loves Chicago sports, but I’m okay with that because I wouldn’t really want him walking around with my face on his t-shirt and hat anyway. And I mean – what colors would team Tessa be? Peach and brown and green? Because that’s what I’d color myself if I were using crayons. You know, for my skin, hair, eyes.

So we saw the Bulls. This past Saturday, the Bulls played Miami, and for some bizarre reason both teams were wearing jerseys in Spanish. Except they said this: “Los Bulls” and “El Heat”. This didn’t make any sense to me because why even do something if you are going to do it less than half way. But last night, they went back to English. And Michael Jordan was there, wearing jeans and a maroon hooded sweatshirt. I didn’t see him (or anything else) because I spent $400 on glasses, $200 on a second pair of glasses, $100 on a mandatory lesson on how to put in and take out contacts, and $150 on contacts – all of which I constantly forget to wear.  Stupid.

I did, however, have a great view of the camera man, his camera, and his cheat sheet of Bulls players. He was right below us, and it was my favorite thing to watch because I could see all of the action zoomed in on his screen. Here he is checking his iPhone to see if his girlfriend texted him:

The Bulls won 101 to something, and Ryan lived happily ever after. Then we walked home in the rain and ate four pounds of peanut M&Ms. I asked Ryan what I should do if Joakim Noah asked me to marry him. Ryan told me that would be my decision. I told him that was a bad answer. And then we Googled him to see his face up close (an important factor when considering marriage) and I made my decision very quickly. Does this make me a snob? Sorry. I’m just happy with what I’ve got.

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