The Day I Wore Yoga Pants and Purple Nikes To Do A Lot Of Things - 1

Yesterday I took the Praxis II. I wore yoga pants and my purple Nikes and Melissa told me that she thinks I am this type of person: “I will do exceptionally well without studying. I will acquire all the knowledge I need simply by carrying my book around with me.” And I hope she is right. I thought about sleeping with my study guide under my pillow, but I got nervous that Rex would soak up all the knowledge, wake up as an ESL specialist cat, and then leave me with nothing.

After the test, Ryan and I went to a one year old’s birthday party at Freedom Park. I was still wearing my test taking outfit and Ryan brought me crackers and a mini-Sprite to have in the car because taking the Praxis II makes you hungry and thirsty a little bit too. So, apparently Freedom Park is the biggest park in the world, where multiple birthday parties and all kinds of crazy things go on. We parked at the entrance and walked maybe seven (or one) miles all the way to the other end of the park where the party was held. And on our treacherous walk, the weather changed from 60 degrees to 100. We also saw people stepping out of time machines and probably close to 400 species of dogs. It was the most bizarre place I’d ever been. And a man on a bike told us that pedestrians had the right of way in most cases – implying that this was not one of those cases – and he could happily run us over if he so pleased.

Post park experience, we decided to have a late lunch and people watch from the balcony of Vida. It’s new and it smells like a fresh spring meadow. It also serves the fancied up version of Mexican food. Plus, there was a St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl going on which meant that there were all kinds of people on the streets to entertain us. Like D-Will and Erin who should maybe consider second careers in modeling.

Please note that Ryan was wearing a disguise, which is also known as a jacket. He kept saying how happy he was that he was wearing his disguise, and then he’d try to hide behind the collar of it. He also told me that he sometimes feels like he has the eyes and profile of a shark. Here he is in action ... can you see it?

I just said “okay” because I mean, half the time I refer to myself as a tiger, so I really can’t judge here. Also, I was still wearing yoga pants and purple Nikes at a nice restaurant. This story continues. And it has more pictures.


Meghan said...

i feel you tes! Im in yoga pants and green nikes studying for my nclex.. its the best clothing.. no matter what you are doing! Im sure you looked great in it anyways! hope the praxis 2 brings good things :)

Tess said...

Thanks Meghan! I'll cross my fingers for you and your studying!