An Ashley Birthday

Today is Ashley's birthday, yay!  We celebrated her last night by eating at Nix, dropping by Dandelion Market, and getting our dance party on at Phil’s. We will always remember Ashley’s 28th birthday because it is the day that I wore a fur vest, she wore a leather capelet, we both wore over the knee boots, and it was 100 degrees in Charlotte. Not really, but I think it did get up to 70. 70 in February! As always, we took a ton of pictures. They make me laugh. Mostly just because I’m wearing a fur vest:

Hey! And we found D-Will, Fecil, Dorian, and the BRT (Black Ryan Taylor). I’m allowed to call him the BRT because it’s true. And he knows it. And likes it. Plus, the CRT (Caucasian Ryan Taylor) started it. So there:

"One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong."

And then there’s this, which simultaneously makes me laugh out loud and think: Dang, my boyfriend is smoking hot.  What is he doing with a fool like me?  Ooo, and how are my molars?:

That was fun. Did I offend? Shake it off.  Today I'm feeling fiesty and I want you to like it.  It's new.

Happy birthday, Ashley!  I sure do think you're the cat's pajamas!

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that made me laugh...