Party Bun

I’ve already told you about Reagan’s Blob before. I know so because I love it. And sharing is caring. So, yesterday Reagan told me how to make a party bun and today I woke up and felt like this: a party. Sometimes there is always a party in my head (that’s what I say about Rex, too). And since you can’t sometimes always have something, I mean 59% of the time. 59% equals Tessa’s sometimes always head party. 100% equals Rex’s 100% always head party.

So I woke up and decided, since I have a party in my head this morning, why not put a party on my head. You know, a party bun. So I went to work with a party bun and a flower attached to my head. And then the party was over at 2:30.

Party buns are exhausting. I’m sorry I can’t provide a photograph for your viewing pleasure.  I also wore a cape.  For real.  You can have one too from here. Except mine was $20, not $70. Holla. 

Thanks, Gap.


LauraJ said...

Tessa! I read Reagan's Blob too! She is pretty fantastic. get this... I am wearing a party bun at work today! I'm sad that I don't have a flower or a bow to accent it... but I definitely feel pretty sassy thanks to my "party on my head."
I hope your life is grand! it seems to be as far as I've read here on your blog. It's been entertaining me at work ever since i discovered it while creeping on facebook this morning. Your writing is so you... I feel like I'm just listening to you talk! You should probably write a book. I would read it for sure!

LauraJ said...

oh ps- this is Laura Seipel. I forgot that blogger doesn't automatically tell you that!

Tess said...

Aw, Laura! So good to hear from you. I love a good stalking session, and I'm always pleased to entertain. I LOVE Reagan's Blob - did your party bun hurt your head? Mine did. :(