A Lot & Nothing

Simultaneously, a lot and nothing happened today. Here is the a lot that happened: I had a crazy morning dream about earthquakes and my house splitting in two. In the dream, Ryan called my work and asked if I had made it in and if I was okay. The girls said they hadn’t seen me yet, and then Ryan said something like: “Oh well, she was only dating me for my body anyway”. (Which, by the way, is totally true.) And so then I woke up and went home and fed and watered my cat. He played Nordstrom bag:

I took a shower and then Krista called me and told me she locked herself out of her house and can I maybe come get her. And I told her for sure I could come get her and then I stuffed a cracker in my mouth and walked out of the door. And then she called me and asked if I had left yet because she just broke into her house and I told her I wanted to go check out some jeggings. So we checked out some jeggings and I got sad because they ran really small and I had to try on a size bigger than I usually wear. Hi, my name is Tessa, and I have major body issues. (Just being honest. We’re all friends here.) And then we went to Gap and Barnes & Noble and back to my house to do some good old fashioned Facebook stalking. Krista and Rex are basically in love – except for when he bit her arm kind of hard.  And I bought these ballet flats from Gap - except they were $8 instead of $50.  (Do you think I'm an amazing bargain shopper?  You better circle yes.)

Thanks, Gap.

Or, you can look at it this way: basically I did nothing today. Krista came over and we ran to Birkdale and then sat on my couch for hours upon hours. After she left, I sat on my couch for hours upon hours, talking to Ashley and Heather via the cellular telephone. Today was a day for girlfriends. I like that. And somehow I ended up in this super fly outfit:

 (Do you like my camera self-timer failure? And when’s the last time you said “super fly”? Confession: I also used the term “bananas” today in an email to Ryan. “This parking thing is bananas.”)


The Vigliones said...

ha ha. I like the recap of our day : ) and tell Rex he gave me a pretty sexy scar, but I still love him anyways!

Sherry said...

At first sight, I thought your necklace was your belly button.

Tess said...

WHAT?! I'm not even wearing a necklace! Please explain.