Birthday Love

Today is my mom's birthday.  I like her a lot, so I wrote her this love letter:

Happy Birthday, Mamasita!
I tried calling you this morning, but Dad said you were still sleeping.
What? You think you are allowed to sleep in on your birthday?
OKAY! I think you are too.
I hope you have the happiest of happy days.
I hope it is quiet if you want it to be.
Or maybe just have a dance party.
And shake what your mama gave you!
(Someone in the family gave me enough booty for two -
oh, I must have gotten Ashley's too. Because she got a no booty booty.
What kind of booty did you get?)
I hope your dogs are kind to you today.
And I hope your cat is kind to your dogs.
And your husband is kind to your cat.
And you, of course.
What is he going to cook for you?
I feel like you usually like CB & C.
You know, corn beef and cabbage.
Or is it "corned".
Us herbivores don't know the proper carnivore lingo.
I really just wanted to tell you that I made it to the post office.
As in - I wasn't snowed in anymore.
Nor did I get stuck on ice like I did yesterday.
That was a big winter weather driving fail.
So your presents will be there soon.
Maybe on Friday -
since that's when you think your birthday really is anyway.
I love you.
Happy birthday.
The end.

(And later I found that she is eating shrimp and rice for her birthday dinner. Made with love by my father, of course.)

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