My November

November is here. I feel okay about it. So far this November has been pretty regular. At midnight last night, I woke up and thought someone was breaking into my front door. I hope it was just a Halloweenie neighbor who got confused about which door was his after he got home from a big Halloweenie bash. Rex didn’t even want to save me – he was too busy sleeping. So guess who didn’t get their dental treat this morning? R.E.X. When I told Ryan that Rex had dental treats that cleaned his teeth by being crunchy and delicious, he said that he wanted some too. They come in all kinds of flavors, and Rex is more than willing to share.

Back to November, I have done the following this month: snuggled hard with my cat, almost got stolen, tried on three dresses this morning, braided my hair, sat in a bunch of Monday traffic, ate a toast with organic peanut butter, drank a coffee, did some works, ate a yogurt, did some more works, ate a lunch, went to Trader Joe’s, unpacked my Ke$ha gear and did a laundry, let Rex play on my computer, and put on some pajamas. Not too shabby for November. Plus it is ultra chilly outside, which means pajamas are long sleeves and pants. It also means that I need to winterize my bed, which makes me super happy. Some people winterize their cars – I prefer my bed.

I do like November. Indeed. And I have 29 more days of it. Plus, I found a sack of potatoes called “minis” at Trader Joe’s. And they are super mini. I want to bring them to Thanksgiving. Or keep them as pets.

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Raegan said...

I must admit I'm a little sad that it is November (heavy sigh). However, I do have some fantabulous pictures of Ryan's Towne nephews and nieces but I'm afraid I don't know how to get them to you. I really wish I had a recording because the biggest lion had the cutest roar ever! I don't think she frightened anyone but did cause many people to want to cuddle up to a lion. I know it is not a tiger but it is in the feline family :)Let me know how to get you the pics and you and Ryan can ooh and aah over my Hoosier four!