For Raegan

Dear Raegan,

I love when you leave me notes on my B! And I love that you spell your name a special way. And even though I was all “Hooray, I’m okay with November!”, I think I need to admit that I am a little sad too. Although it is nice to hibernate under heavy blankets (isn’t that the best?), there is just something so refreshing about October that is no more. But, here we are in November, and I think these things should make us happy:

• Seasonal coffee creamers
• Fireplace fires and the smell of burning leaves
• Snuggly socks, scarves, and hats
• Mini potatoes
• Children bundled up so thickly that they have to waddle when they walk
• Giving thanks
• Pumpkin bread and other sweet treats
• Unpacking sweaters
• Spending an entire weekend inside with books, crayons, and imaginations
• Warm Vanilla Sugar scents from Bath and Body Works
• Day dreaming about Christmas

And I’d also like to add to the list: oohing and aahing over pictures of Ryan’s nieces and nephews. I’d love love love to see your cuties all dressed up in their lion and ninja costumes! You can email them to me (tessa.markovitch@gmail.com) and then I can spend the afternoon thinking about how I need to meet – and snuggle – little Lydia.

And I do love lions! Really, any big cat will do. I’m not sure where my fascination with tigers started – maybe it was when Ryan took me to Tiger World? He’s really good at playing along with my tiger (and other) quirk. He even bought me these organic tiger mints because he noticed I’d been using an Altoid tin as my traveling jewelry box to and from his place.

Cinnamon tiger mints are good for November. Let me know if you need us to send you some.


PS: Raegan is Ryan's little sister.  She has four adorable children and she leaves me sweet notes on my B.  One day, I'm going to convince her to start her own B since she is living happily ever after and has babies that I want to see lots and lots of pictures of.  The end.

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Raegan said...

Thanks for the sweet post! I have a favorite to add to November and it is a biggie! Harrison's birthday is on the 3rd. He turned 6 this year and this is what he had to say about that "Can I just skip this one and stay 5 forever? I like 5, 5 is good." I am writing myself a sticky note to send pictures to your email! Not as exciting as pictures coming in the postal mail but close. Ooh, one more November favorite sweater dresses for my toddler (while I have too many lumps to wear one successfully she is adorable!). Have a happy November!