Scaturday Crafternoon

Once upon a time, it was a Scaturday crafternoon.  A sleeping baby allowed my sister and I to catch up on our pumpkin baking and fall necklace making on a perfectly Octoberish October day.   And so we did. 

Ashley saw the tutorial for these necklaces over at The Andersons, and she’d been itching to make one ever since. Basically, we have no idea how she made her flowers single (well, double) handedly, because it took all four of our hands to twist, roll, and glue these suckers together. With a little sisterly teamwork, four hot glue sticks, and some burnt fingertips, we were able to produce 11 flowers – two necklaces of five, and one sad little leftover orange guy. I have high hopes that Ashley has already turned him into a headband. Oh, did you want us to make one for you? Okay!

Also, did you know about this?

Apparently Rex has been busy doing some modeling jobs on the side.  I found him in Alekzander’s Halloween board book.  You can even pet his furry chest if it would please you.

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