Southern Country Love

Bruen and Jeremy had a beautiful wedding ceremony in the mountains. Their entire wedding package – invitations, engagement photos, reminders, directions, seating charts, everything – was adorably coordinated with a southern country feel that was oh so representative of where they come from and their journey as a couple. As their guests, we enjoyed their sweetly personalized vows during the ceremony and the country couple dancing during the reception. I’m pretty sure everyone had an incredible time helping them celebrate their marriage – and I like to think that Ryan’s serenade was icing on the (wedding) cake.

People traveled from near and far (like China and London) to be with Bruen and Jeremy on their special day:

We came from Charlotte.  Which was maybe the nearest of the nears.

I love the mountains.  I love the sea.  I love love.

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Stacey said...

So was this the final wedding of your Summer/Fall wedding happenings? You two look stunning in this picture and the mountain looks refreshing back there:) I hope everything is going well!