Lucky Stars

Last night I had an appointment to get my hair did by Jesse. I love getting my hair did, and this time it came with a special surprise. When I walked in and told them who I was (like I’m some kind of celeb or something), everyone got all excited and one lady said: Wait! I have something for you. So I said: Okay! And she handed me a box wrapped in baby jungle animals with an envelope taped to the top and said: This is from your husband. And your hair cut has also been taken care of. (Um! Yay! I love presents! And I love baby jungle animals! And I love love letters! And I love getting my hair did by Jesse! And I love love love my husband! Wait. I don’t have one of those though.)

But, I do love love love my boyfriend. He’s still holding the reign as the best tiger ever. And if you are totally jeal, then that’s okay, too. Also, my sister tried to be sweet and bring me coffee while I was getting my hair did by Jesse but she panicked when the coffee shop was closed. Then she got mad when she found out that Ryan treated me to a hair did by Jesse when she was supposed to treat me (remember the gift certificate from my birthday?). Do you have people fighting over who gets to pay for your hair did by Jesse? I didn’t think so.

Today I counted my lucky stars. Oh, and you wanted to know what was in the baby jungle animal box? It was this wrap cardigan sweater (but in taupe) from Victoria’s Secret that can be worn in close to a kajillion different ways:

Like I said. Lucky stars. Consider them counted. Happy nineteenth 7th, Ryan!


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