So, my boyfriend sings karaoke. Quite well actually. Did you know? I think you probably did, because from the sounds of things, apparently I was the only one who didn’t know about this secret little hobby of his. Kid Rock is his artist of choice, and I think he’s such a stud rocking out in front of a room full of strangers and friends.

We’re in the beautiful mountains of Lake Lure to celebrate the marriage of our friends Jeremy and Breun. What a wonderful weekend that they chose to start their forever together – the weather is a phenomenally sunny October with warm days and cool nights, perfect for the bonfire and s’mores they had last night. Today we drank coffee on our cabin’s porch, walked around the shops of Chimney Rock, found a sandwich for Ryan, and found a pizza for me. We scoped out the wedding site, and now it’s time for college football (my favorite) and a nap.

Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous here?

Disclaimer: The karaoke singing stud sitting on the rock is taken. 


Meghan said...


I just sang it the other day- celine dion to be exact!!

Tell ryan that we need to do a duet together.. maybe it should be kid rock and celine mix? and maybe you can throw some ke$ha in there! haha!

Tess said...

We really need to make that happen, Megs! Can everyone participate in full costume?