An Epic Birthday Adventure

Twenty-five is official. I had yet another epic birthday celebration – it was everything a girl could have wanted and more. I’ve decided that I am (most likely) the luckiest little tiger around – I have an incredible boyfriend, amazing friends, and the most wonderful family.

My day started at 6:30. I woke up, showered, and slipped on the most comfortable dress I could find. The weather was cool and breezy – just what I ordered for my special day. Ryan gave me strict instructions to be well rested and at his place at 8:00, and being the over achiever that I am, I arrived even earlier. He fed me bagels and coffee and tricked me into reading my birthday post – which you already know made me into an emotional mess. I called my sister to tell her she made me cry (on my birthday!) and she laughed at me. A few minutes later, Kellie and AB walked into Ryan’s and I cried some more. Surprise! Then my sister came over. Surprise! We ate breakfast and then I learned that Ryan was sending the four of us to the spa for pedicures and a facial. Surprise!

Off we went – via foot – and yes, we had to call Ryan to ask him how to get there. ( With the four of us loose in the city without a pedestrian style GPS, I’m pretty sure we would have ended up in South Carolina. Or Tennessee maybe. ) We drank cucumber water and talked about girly things like toenail polish and babies. AB and Kellie chose blue, I chose a gray/purple color (surprise!), and Ashley chose a pinky mauve called “Love Your Mother” (because we do). During my pedicure, a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers arrived (surprise!) – there wasn’t a card, but I have a pretty good idea who sent them. And his name isn’t Rex.

When we got back to Ryan’s, a million presents were waiting for me. Really. There were gift bags and boxes and packages galore! (Surprise! I thought the early morning spa trip was more than plenty!). I changed into a (new!) bathing suit, and AB, Justin, my sister, Andrew, Alekzander, and Ryan and I spent the day relaxing in the windy sunshine. When we came up from the pool, even more presents were waiting for me (Woah! Surprise! Someone must think I’m the cat’s pajamas!). Alekzander helped me with my wrapping paper while the boys cooked dinner for the girls: steak, chicken, corn on the cob, salt potatoes, and tomato and cucumber salad. Yum!

After dinner and another outfit change, friends started trickling over. I was a little slow going while I was getting ready, and somehow I got lured out of the bathroom with unfinished eye makeup. (SURPRISE!) An ice cream cake with 25 candles, made with love by Justin’s mom. (Have I mentioned that I have the greatest friends?) After cake, we all put on our dancing shoes and hit the town.

This is how we roll. Isn’t it fun? I missed you if you weren’t there. Maybe next year you’ll join my epic adventure of a birthday? I can guarantee you a good time. Thank you to everyone who made my day so memorable – I’m still smiling about it.

Oh, you want to see more pictures?  Okay!  Why don't you visit again tomorrow?  Sounds good.  I'll see you then.

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I love that you are happy and so loved! Enjoyed talking to you tonight :)