In case you missed the memo, I really love October. It’s my favorite of the twelve (months, not dwarves, because there are seven of those, not twelve). I think I’m really kind of not giving November a chance, even though it basically is equal to October when I run through the list of reasons why I love it so. Did you know that you can “really kind of” do something? I think it’s new. Welcome.

So on Friday night we went to a bonfire at my BF’s BF’s parents’ house (that would be AB’s boyfriend’s mom and dad). They live in a log cabin that has train tracks going around the ceiling of the living room. Rex would love it.

The bonfire was really big and really Octobery, and Winge had found some marshmallows to toast or roast, which ever you please, that were the size of my head.  Really.  They were huge.  And he was super proud of them - rightfully so. Ryan wanted to try to jump over the fire, but I said no.  He would have had to stop drop and roll, and then I would have called him a liar liar pants on fire (get it?) for the rest of his life.  Pre-bonfire, we had stopped at Panera and I got a chai latte that gave me a major tummy ache, so I missed out on a lot of the firey goodness while I was laying in the back of AB’s car.  Boo.  But nevertheless, it made me fall in love with fall all over again.  So even though my October is starting to dwindle down, I think I’m okay with the coming of November.  What about you?


Daniela said...

Dear Tessa,
I really enjoy reading your blog. I think you have a new follower (me). Your writing is clever and cute (like you), and it makes me smile. Also, given the fact you are opening up to the coming of November, I really think you should watch "Sweet November." It's a really cute movie, and it is only appropriate seeing as how November is right around the corner.
PS- I whip my hair back and forth, do you? Circle yes or no :)

Raegan said...


Did you know that we share a love for October?! It, too, is my favorite month. In addition to caramel apples, carving pumpkins, falling leaves, bonfires and the wonderful crisp smell in the air it is my anniversary month! This October 8 was 10 years! I have to tell you I added two new favorites this year to the list. I made the munchkins pumpkin choclate chip cookies and banana chocolate/peanut butter chip muffins! The kiddos were loving it. We get to carve our pumpkins this weekend and roast pumpkin seeds (another fav!). We also are getting dressed up to go trick or treating! The girls are little lions (we are working on our roar because they just can't wait to be queens!) and the boys are ninja warriors! Happy October!

Tess said...

Two of the best comments ever! Thanks, girls!

Daniela: You are too cute! And yes, you know I whip my hair back and forth. Especially while at work!

Raegan: Congratulations on your 10 years! I think October is a fantastic month to get married! I can't wait to see pictures of the little ones in costume (especially since the girls have their own version of the Lion King song!) And I might have to get the recipe for the banana, chocolate, peanut butter cup muffins (3 of Ryan's favorite things all in one!) Hope you enjoy the last few days of our favorite month!