Last night we made a special trip to Belmont to visit with our friends Mick and Veronica.  Good thing we went, because not only did we have a fantastic time, but we acquired the best picture ever (more commonly known as the BPE).  The recipe for the BPE is as follows:  two of Ryan’s hats, my favorite pair of boots, my bargain Anthropologie scarf, an air guitar playing boyfriend (who prefers my leg instead of air), only two out of four feet touching the ground, a Simplified song in the background, and a whole lot of love.

So what do you think?  BPE, or what?


Ryan said...

and the best part is that I didn't drop Tessa!

Meghan said...

omg totally the BPE i love it!! That better be supersized and put in a frame in the middle of the living room ASAP!! I must say.. I am a little jealous

Heather said...

I vote YES!