Wishiest Wishes for Stacey

Today is Stacey’s birthday. Stacey and I go way back and I love her. We have been through the ups and down the downs together – that’s just what friends do. Once upon a time, we were forced to live together, and even though it was the best thing that ever happened, we were not the happiest of campers at the time. So I drove us to the mountains and we screamed a loud scream together inside the car. Really. We just screamed. As loud as we could. And then I got stuck at the top of the mountain and woke up someone’s very scary dogs when I had to use their driveway to turn my car around. And then we listened to Dashboard Confessionals and got some crafting supplies from the Lynchburg Wal-Mart. All of this happened during our junior year, which was simultaneously my favorite and least favorite year of college.

During our senior year, our rooms shared a wall, and we shared bathroom and a snack cupboard in the kitchen of our six bedroom townhouse. Sometimes we’d cry, but mostly we’d laugh – Stacey is the silliest (and sweetest) person I know. Did you know that? We made up all kinds of songs and raps and even the word athawithadolthbe. Say it, its fun. Atha - witha - dolthbe. Stacey was my morning coffee partner and four mile walking friend. We listened to Dave Matthews Band and gangster music really loud in her mini-cooper and co-knit a really long scarf. And then I graduated a semester early and it felt like my heart was ripping out of my chest when I left her.

Post graduation, Stacey and I kept in touch and remained fantastic friends. Even when I moved to North Carolina, we still chatted often and left each other rhyming voicemails that wouldn’t make any sense to the rest of the world. Now Stacey has a new last name and a beautiful baby girl and is building a house on a big piece of land in Virginia. To celebrate her birthday today, Stacey is taking a trip to IKEA and checking her mailbox because there might be something fun inside. I love you, Stace! I hope you are having a happy, happy day – may your wishiest wishes come true (as I think many of them already have!).

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