Today we are 200. “We” meaning: me and my B. What do you do when your B turns 200 – have a party? Panic? This is how a conversation between my sister and I went yesterday:

I've had a lot of words on my B lately. Tomorrow is my 200th post. What should I do? Panic?
don't panic. that would be silly. i'd ignore it/let it pass.. unless you come up with something genius while you sleep tonight. or look through photos and find the 200th one and post it.
You're right. I'm already suffering from eye twitches, so panic wouldn't help. Okay I'll see if my mind does good things tonight in my sleep.
Or ... you can show off your math skills and add up each # of posts per month since you've started and see if they equal 200. use paper and pencil first and then double check your work with a calculator. B might lie. You can't trust anyone these days.
The B doesn't lie, Ashley. But my math skills often fail me.

This is the 200th picture that I am tagged in on FB (since that is where this conversation took place). Hooray for Stacey (a fresh 26 year old) and Siobhan (a fresh California resident). This picture is not fresh.  It is from 2006, when I had long long super straight hair, a curiously white forehead, fantastic housemates, and a Nokia cell phone.

Happy 200, B.  Oh, you wanted an ice-cream cake?  I'll see what I can do.

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