I retired. Did you know? It was short lived and not really as spectacular as I had imagined, but it was wonderful to have an extra four days to do … well … to do not so much, actually. As I exit my retirement week and start a new workplace adventure, I basically have gained: two dresses, a tan, some stacks of folded laundry, a new favorite mascara, and tummy troubles. (None of which are even remotely related.)

So here I am, enjoying my final Sunday before my first day at my new job. It feels a lot like the first day of school (maybe 9th grade). What am I going to wear? Will everyone like me? What if my skirt gets stuck in my panties and everyone sees my bum and they make fun of me for the rest of forever? Will I make the cheerleading team? And so on. Plus, I don’t even have a lunch box yet. Super embarrassing that I might have to pack my snacks in a Target bag. Actually, I don’t even have any snacks yet. So much to do!

Here is what I did in retirement: spent some time at Ryan’s pool, read half of Water for Elephants (which I love), watched a million episodes of Law & Order, ate at Panera about five times, celebrated with my old co-workers, returned my cat bitten shoes to TJ Maxx, spent the day with Krista (we always have a lot to talk about and “getting a bagel” is code for hanging out for six hours straight), snuggled with Rex, ate two pounds of grapes, a lot of string cheese, a container of organic hummus, and some Asian rice crackers, accompanied Chris (who still looks smoking hot in a Victoria’s Secret bikini when she is 9 months pregnant) and Jason on Lake Norman, went to the mall with Ashley, and watched the first two episodes of this season of Weeds.  Here is a picture of me and Ashley on date night (without our dates ... they weren't in pretty dresses):

So what else? I’ve missed you. Are you ready for me to come back now? Okay! Me too!

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