I almost always have a pack of oatmeal in my purse. This is not a good emergency snack, considering that fact that hot water is kind of hard to come by when you’re driving or walking around TJ Maxx, but I carry it around anyway. (Ryan puts milk and butter in his oatmeal. Do you know about my repulsion towards butter? I’ll tell you all about it one day.) Usually, I eat my oatmeal at work around 10 in the morning, but lately I’ve had to find a different snack because I bought Target’s brand of instant apple cinnamon oatmeal and it is disgusting. Everything about it – especially the consistency – reminds me of vomit. Too much information? Sorry. I just really don’t want you to have to experience it ... ever.  It really isn’t worth saving a few quarters. Quaker is where it’s at when it comes to my morning oatmeal. And I just found my favorite new flavor: Apple Cranberry Almond Hearty Medley. It isn’t the “lower sugar” variety that I usually get, but there are big chunks of almonds and multigrains which make it super yum. Plus, there was a coupon attached to the front of the box for $1 off. Absolutely!

How do you make your oatmeal? And what’s your brand and flavor? I had a friend who made steel cut oats and she had to start preparing them 12 hours in advance. That’s some oatmeal dedication. I like mine to happen in 30 seconds. You?


Mandy and Lonnie said...

Quaker is where its at. I eat oatmeal every morning too but eat the brown sugar and cinnomon. mm love it, plus its good for my milk production for my babies, did you know that? oatmeal makes you produce more, so me eating oatmeal is a two for one deal!

Tess said...

Ooo, I didn't know that! Good for you! Tasty and beneficial! Yes, I'll definitely be loyal to Quaker from now on!

Raegan said...

I eat oatmeal for that same reason! I am like my brother and love butter on my oatmeal. My boys like the oatmeal with dinosaur eggs so they can watch them hatch and then gobble them up!