Seventeenth Seventh

Yesterday was our seventeenth 7th. I love things that involve numbers ending in 1, 3, 7, and sometimes 9 – did you know that I don’t do even numbers or the number 5? It’s true. I hate them. I especially hate 5. I’d take a 4 over a 5 any day.

Anywho, to celebrate our day, we spent eight hours at Ryan’s pool. We had gorgeous Charlotte weather – breezy with a high of only 86 (funny that 86 feels cool to us now). Heather and Phil came over for the lunch time shift (12:30 to 3:00) and Ashley, Andrew, and Alekzander came to play for the evening shift (3:30-7:30). We had a fantastic time swimming, playing cornhole, eating Alekzander’s peach puffs, and catching each other up on our most recent adventures.  Alekzander is scooting and crawling and pulling up and swimming and splashing and taking steps and giving high fives and mimicking funny noises and eating melon and ... oh man, I love that little one.

At the end of the day, we were too tired to go to dinner at BLT like we had planned, so I laid in bed and watched Bethenny Getting Married? while Ryan went out to hunt for food. On his hunt, he encountered numerous cyclist riding back and forth, back and forth, for some long distance in a short distance race. Roads were closed, causing his hunt to last a little longer than expected. He came back with a burger and fries for him and a caprese salad for me. Apparently he hunts and gathers. Aren’t I lucky?

This morning Ryan went to California. And this is the view from his room:

Well la-de-da. And he dined a table away from David Spade. Yes, I am slightly jealous. BUT! Only 5 days til New York!

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