Baby Bugs and Kidnappings

Today I traveled to Virginia. I woke up at 4:30, threw my 20 pairs of shoes and 18 dresses in the trunk of my car, and hit the highway. Driving in the early early morning – before the sun has even heard its alarm clock – made me really happy. I hada full tank of gas, lots to think about, six hours by myself, some coffee to drink, and many Dave Matthews songs to hear.

I got to Newport News a little after 11:30 this morning and spent the day with Stacey and her new little. Gracelyn is precious and just as sweet and floppy and sleepy and chubby as a baby could get. Plus, Stacey calls her Baby Bug, and I do love a bug.

Stacey is happy and radiant and lovely, driving around town in her ginormous SUV with baby safe and sound in back. We dined on fresh salads at Panera, and visited and chatted it up like two best friends do when it has been almost a year since they’ve seen each other.

I got through the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel around 4:30, which meant I was almost back to my home of 22 years. The street signs and smell of the ocean reminded me of being sixteen and driving around with my windows down, music up, to and from, from and to, with Katie buckled up next to me in the front seat. I arrived to Heather’s place – adorable and beachy – and met her fiancé Phil. We quickly made plans to hop on beach cruisers and grab dinner and orange crushes at the oceanfront.

I’m in love with all of Heather’s friends, bicycles, and home décor. That’s that. I’ve already tried to kidnap Courtney, but I think I’ll go ahead and just take them all. Heather and Phil, and Stacey and family, too. Charlotte needs them.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! No need to kidnap me. I will come on my own. hehe :) I wish we all lived in the same city because I need another fun weekend like that.
~ Court