The Shower

Heather had a beautiful bridal shower this morning. The Virginia Beach bridesmaids did an amazing job of pulling everything together to shower our favorite bride-to-be with love. Jessie has an adorable house that was perfect for entertaining, the food was yum, Lauren’s homemade “Happily Ever After” cake was precious, the teal decorations were very Heathery, and everyone laughed and cried and ate and hugged and had a fantastic time.

Here is our favorite picture ever:

Doesn’t it capture our similarities, opposites, and entire best friendship just perfectly? I think so too. Heather is wearing her new super sassy housewife apron, and had just opened the scrapbook style cookbook and cards that I made her. She had a lot of happy tears today (more to come during the bachelorette celebrations tonight, I’m sure).

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ashley said...

This is a great best friend picture. And I love the apron. Its so hot-wifey/cutie pie-y at the same time.