I don’t like to do anything while I eat – I mean besides chew, swallow, have a glass of water, and talk. Ryan likes to multi-task. He would, eat, talk, watch TV, read Chicago sports, fight off bad guys, and play football all at the same time if he could. Last night, we finished the first season of Friday Night Lights (don’t you hate when good things have to end?), and Ryan asked if I would mind if he ate his sandwich while we watched. Since he asked so nicely, I allowed it. (Really though, we were at his house, so it wouldn’t have mattered what I said. He is the king of his castle and I am the queen-bee of mine. Don’t worry, I would never deprive a man of his sandwich.) Anyhow, I was in a different room while Ryan was fixing his dinner, and he said something like: “I just like to dooblockyoupie my time.”  From the other room, I laugh/yelled, “What!? Did you just say DOO-BLOCK-YOU-PIE?” Because what in the world is dooblockyoupie? Have you heard of it? Tell me.

Really, Ryan had said “double occupy,” but it is much more fun to say dooblockyoupie. Try it. And how did you like it? So then I decided that I wanted to dooblockyoupie my time by eating ice-cream cake for dinner – in bed – while watching Friday Night Lights, and when I returned, I announced that I was partaking in "dooblay e-fishensay", because the word dooblockyoupie had slipped my mind. Ryan said that dooblay e-fishensay (double efficiency) is the fancy French version. Do you know about dooblay e-fishesay? Try it. And how do you like it?

So then I had dreams that I had to study French and I was failing because it made me nervous so I never went to class. The night before, I had hallucinations about a giant panther whose legs were the size of my entire body. I saw him walking through my living room. For real. It’s true and it could really happen because I have vaulted ceilings.

So which is your favorite? Dooblockyoupie or dooblay e-fishensay? You can circle both.

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ashley said...

I have been walking around saying dooblockyoupie in my head. I have yet tried to say it out loud. I think I need to hear how Ryan said it ... but it has been rolling around in my pretty little head for a few days. :)