Pop Champagne and Toygers

This Saturday night, the zebras came out to play. Ryan and I had spent the day relaxing, looking at toyger and bengal kittens, watching “Bethenny Getting Married?”, and a movie on demand. I love a good lazy Saturday. And I love toygers and bengal cats.  You should google them.  Oh, and I love love love Bethenny. Do you know her? Even my sister knows who she is, so surely you have heard of her. I think she is laugh out loud hilarious and yes, Bethenny did get married! No question mark to it. To celebrate, Ryan and I popped a bottle of champagne while sitting on his couch in our PJs. I thought it tasted like old raisins – turns out I’m not much of a champagne drinker, but I’m totally okay with this.

Once seven o’clock rolled around, I decided I’d made Ryan starve for long enough, and we walked to the epicenter to get some of our favorite pasta dishes: penne al verde for me and lasagna for him. I’m not going to tell you where it is from, because it is kind of embarrassing. But oh so yummy. For dessert, we had ice pops from the freezer. Do you know about the frozen sugar juice that comes in a plastic tube? Well that’s what we had. It brought me back to being five, roller-skates on feet, sitting on the porch in the summer with my Katie Bug. On Sunday, I played at the pool, read a little, visited Best Buy, and sent Ryan off to Germany. I know what you are thinking: how dare he be gone on my birthday week. And I totally agree.

Dear Ryan,
You can come back now. It is, after all, my birthday week.  K, thanks.
Little T

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