Peanut Butter Dr. Seuss

Today it is still my birthday week. I know so because I got two (2!) cards in the mail at work. And who doesn’t love work mail that isn’t work mail? At 24.986 years old, I do still love Dr. Seuss, birthdays, and peanut butter sandwiches.

I shared my Tuesday - of - my - birthday - week - lunch (consisting of a peanut butter sandwich, red grapes, and celery sticks) with our office dog, Swiper. In the past, Swiper and I have had zero relationship: he is too busy, too tired, or too preoccupied and I am usually the same.

He decided to change his mind a little once he realized when and where I make and eat my peanut butter sandwiches (made with whole grain bread and Simply JIF).

Swiper is polite and quiet, and he sometimes sticks out his tongue for pictures.

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