A Kellie Birthday

First of all, today is Kellie’s birthday. I really like her. She does things like run marathons and visit Spain. Kellie was one of my two adoptive friends when I moved to North Carolina. The other one was Ashley B, and they scooped me right up and made me one of their own. I honestly don’t know if I’d still be in this city – or this state – if it wasn’t for these two. Kellie lived in the same building as me, and was attending UNCC for grad school. When I applied for grad school there, she read my entrance essay and performed a background check on me (this was her job, so I don’t really consider it stalking). AB, Kellie, and I used to tear up the town. And all of the dance floors in Charlotte. Kellie isn’t afraid to dance on Ryan’s furniture or teach total strangers the Michael Jackson leg kick. She is also really good at celebrating holidays like New Year’s Eve and St. Patricks Day, and she’ll dress up like an elf with me around Christmas time. After receiving her master’s degree, Kellie got an awesome job in Virginia, and had to move away from us and the Queen City. Boo. We miss her at every outing, every shopping trip, every time we spend a lazy day at the pool, and basically every moment in between.

But! Kellie is coming next weekend! Officially, she’ll be here on bachelorette party business, but unofficially, we’ll be celebrating our birthdays together. I can’t wait to see her – she’ll really complete my weekend, for sure. Happy birthday, Kellie! I have a good feeling about your 26ness – it is definitely going to be your year.

Second, how sweet is my sister? Sisters are people who have your blog password just in case they see any embarrassing mistakes ... and to sneak in and leave a little something on your birthday week. I don’t know about you, but getting hacked into (see below) makes me feel especially special. Thanks for the birthday love, Ashley!

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Ryan said...

Happy B-day Kellie...3 cheers for girlfriend #2!

Tessa, Kellie and I are proof that cancers get along quite well.