Losing Her Loaves

I like my sister a lot. I can email her things like this (since we went to kickboxing together last night):

Are you practicing your jab, cross, jab, back knee, knee, front kick, round house?

And she will email be back something like this (since she baked yesterday):

No. I'm dealing with a much more important issue. My 2 loaves of zucchini bread are ... GONE. I don't know where they went.

Today it is my birthday eve (aka “pre-birthday” according to Ryan), and I am going to eat ice cream. And then I’m going to eat a tomato mozzarella wrap from Brixx. So there. And yes – it will most likely happen in that order.

I would be eating zucchini bread with chocolate chips if Ashley didn’t lose her loaves. This situation is similar to losing your mind, but a little more pressing, since delicious delicacies are involved.


ashley said...

I haven't done something this silly since I was pregnant. I think I put the butter in the pan cupboard or something silly like that. But I'm not pregnant. So I have no excuse this time. Seriously. Who stole my bread???

ashley said...

Crisis diverted. They were tucked neatly in the ice cube catcher under the ice and Italian ice cups. Since there is clearly no other space to put zucchini bread that was the only option. Such a clever hiding spot.

My gosh. I think I am going NUTSO.

Tess said...

I think you probably are too.