Little Glimpses of Good

The most spectacular thing happened today: I got a birthday package from my oh so sweet friend Heather. (By the way – her fiancé comes home in 5 days! And it is home home! Not just home for two weeks. Home for a long long time! I’m so excited for them!)

Including a precious card, here is what was inside:

A scent bug for a Tessa Bug and a book called Little Glimpses of Good. I can’t wait to read it – I already know it is full of happy and cute. Heather even left me a love note and bookmarked two pages with post-it notes and smiles. The pages say:

“Once there was a sad orange. It was sad because it didn’t rhyme with anything. It tried to act all sunny and happy, but deep down it knew it was alone. The one day … Hey, wait a minute. I’m juicy and sweet and full of vitamins and sunshine and rain and orangey flavor. And the moral of the story is if you’re an orange, be an orange. Don’t be a kiwi. And speaking of lemons (as we weren’t) when life hands you some, you know what to do…”

Oh my goodness, I'm going to love this! Thank you, Heather - for being you - and for bringing a little extra sunshine into my Thursday! You are really good at doing both of those things.

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