The Letter L

Today is brought to you by the letter “L”. You know, for Love. And Laughter. And Living. But mostly the “L” is for Love.

My sweetest of sweet friends, Heather, is off gallivanting with the love of her life, Phil, who is home from Iraq for R&R. Their visit has been carefully planned and every little moment they have together will be packed full of handholding, stolen smooches, and giddy smiles. I’m so absolutely thrilled for them – I hope that time is passing perfectly in the limited days they have to celebrate one another. And, may I please say, that I am incredibly proud of my Heather for her patience and newly found free-spiritedness that this love story has given her. She has a full spectrum list of “I Can’t Wait To…” moments that will probably make you cry, and I’ve closed my eyes tight and wish-wish-wished that she is getting to do each and every little thing.

If this doesn't make your heart melt, you might not even have one.

Dear Heather,

Hi.  I stole your picture from Facebook.  It was just too dang cute not to.  Forgive?

I’m so proud of you. I think you are the cat’s pajamas and so much more. Would you rather be the cat’s meow or none of the above since you are allergic? Circle one. Your story gives me butterflies in my belly – that’s how much I love you. Since we met, when we were just awkward little eleven year olds with ponytail dilemmas, our lives have been inseparably intertwined. And I think that is just fantastic. Even if we tried to lose one another – like on a train or while riding our beach cruisers – I just don’t think it would be possible. I think we would both sit on a bench and cry and then I’d look up and see that you were sitting on the bench right across from me. And then we would laugh and go get ice-cream.

I hope you are deep into the best two weeks of your life (thus far – because, well, I have a good feeling that some magicalness involving a white dress will happen once Phil is back for real). And how do you feel about the word "magicalness"?  It's new.  I hope your strategically planned adventures are going without even a hiccup, and I hope that you are pleased with all of the outfits that you packed. Also, I wish you 14 consecutively fabulous hair days.

And they lived happily ever after. The end.


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Heather said...

I love you so much that I don't even know if I can tell you :) I just read this post. I have been away from my computer (for obvious reasons) I have enjoyed every moment... and can't wait for you to meet Phil! I love that you wrote about me on your blog. Thank you for your love and wishes..and sweet words. I will be back to blogging once I am alone again. Love you!