Ryan and I celebrated our thirteenth 7th last night. For our second year together, we decided that we would try a new restaurant on the 7th of each month. We have a habit of loving what we know, which means we frequent the same few places: Brixx, Liberetto’s, Black Finn, Pita Pit, and a small handful of others. Last night we dined at Aria, a new Tuscan restaurant on Trade Street – just a quick hop skip and a jump away from Ryan’s place. We walked over around 8:30 and chatted it up with a very friendly security guard who took our photo and suggested we try eating at Aria, which, hey!, we were! The d├ęcor was fabulous and it was quiet but trendy in a classy way. We had a bottle of wine that was suggested by our server, and although it had a funny aftertaste, not a drop went to waste. Plus, there was a “T” – for Tessa and Taylor (obviously) – on the top of the bottle. Ryan had an antipasto for an appetizer and I picked at the bread and a yummy white bean/olive oil concoction. For dinner we went basic, splitting a tomato and mozzarella pizza with yummy and crunchy thin crust. We’ve both already picked out what we’ll try next time when we go with bigger appetites and more adventurous bellies.

Now we get to start planning for May 7th – the second of our second twelve sevenths! Suggestions are welcome – just remember our pickiness.

And a happiest of birthdays to my favorite BIL, Andrew!

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