25 Birthday Scoops

Happy 25th Birthday!
Oh Tessa, we love you.  
Enjoy the birthday-love scoops.

1.  Oh Tessa, I remember when I took you to get your wisdom teeth pulled and you were writing me notes in the truck. (Dad)

2.  Oh Tessa, I remember when you got some new big girl panties when you were three.  Seven pairs.  One for each day of the week.  Later that evening you came out into the family room wearing a big blue headband with an enormous bow and new underwear. Period.  Much to the family's surprise you started pulling down your ditties...one after another, after another, after another. You were wearing all seven pairs and thought up a way to model them without a complete wardrobe change. (Mom)

3.  Oh Tessa, I remember the first night we went out and you walked up to some guy, grabbed his cigarette out of his hand and threw it on the floor. At that moment, I thought to myself "I like this girl".  (Kellie)

4.  Oh Tessa, who would have known that wonderful July day at the pool, we would have become best friends! I am glad you finally got the courage to come out with us! (AB)

5.  Oh Tessa, I remember when we were 11 and shared a bag of skittles and they kept falling on the movie theatre floor ...we found this so funny. (Heather)

6.  Oh Tessa, I love you in Charlotte, Biloxi, Las Vegas, Newport News, Chicago, Charleston, Munich, Arapahoe, Holden Beach, Wilmington and many more places to go! (Ryan)

7.  Oh Tessa, remember when dancing on bars/tables/chairs was an accomplishment for the night...now yours is writing on your blog and mine is changing diapersss... (Mandy)

8.  Oh Tessa,  I love how you love on our little man.  He is so lucky to have an ATB like you. (Andrew)

9.  Oh Tessa, you are beautiful, smart, and funny.  I know we've always been different (or maybe just not quite the same), but I'd like to be more like you as I grow up. (Ashley)

10.  Oh Tessa, I love when you "roar" with me. (Alekzander)

11.  Oh Tessa, you are so silly. (Mom)

12.  Oh Tessa, is your favorite color skuuuuuulllllll yet? (AB)

13.  Oh Tessa, I remember when we threw a fit over sharing a room our junior college year. I'm so glad we were forced to do so, because it was the best bonding experience ever! (Stacey)

14.  Oh Tessa, I love how sometimes it takes you a while to figure out just how to wear your hair! (Heather)

15.  Oh Tessa, I know I was only one month old, but I remember when you and Mama sang me "Snuggle Puppy."  Can we sing again soon? (Alekzander)

16.  Oh Tessa, I'm sorry I threw a tube of chapstick at your head and wrote with bath crayons on your back.  But I am so happy that we are friends now.  What do you think is best?  Friends or sisters?  Can we be best sisters? (Ashley)

17.  Oh Tessa, I love you because you are petite package that combines the beauty of a super model with the creativity of an artist and the joyfulness of a kindergartner. (Ryan)

18.  Oh Tessa, I will never forget chasing Bailey around in our Christmas gear the morning after staying out all night. (Kellie)

19.  Oh Tessa I will never forget the beginning of our love of "Coffee" conversations during work. I think we finally found our cupcakes. ;) (AB)

20.  Oh Tessa, I love you sense of style with a splash of personality and a whole bunch of bargain! (Heather)

21.  Oh Tessa, I remember a time after we revamped your bathroom; we had bought all new accessories: towels, soap dish, toothbrush holder.  But the bathroom still lacked a toilet paper holder.  One day after spending some time in the bathroom you came out proudly announcing to our guests that you had solved the problem of finding the perfect toilet paper holder.  A roll of toilet paper on a necklace of dental floss hung around your neck.  (Mom)

22.  Oh Tessa, you're getting OLD!  A quarter of a century OLD.  I hope you have the best year of your life.  (Andrew)

23.  Oh Tessa, you are such a wonderful, caring person and I am very lucky to have you as a friend. I can't wait to share more memories and I hope you have a wonderful birthday! (AB)

24.  Oh Tessa, I love you because you always make sure Ryan's M&M jar is filled when I come to visit. (Kellie)

25.  Oh Tessa, I love you because you are simple (Stacey), and simply adorable. (Ryan)

**This blog was hijacked by hersisterashley, and some of Tessa's closest friends and family.  Isn't she so loved?  Those scoops of love that don't appear here found their way to her via email!**

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Sherry said...

Oh Tessa, "I'll love you forever,I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be." ( robert munnsch )

Happy Birthday!