Today At The Office

Next week, the company that I work for is relocating (just a wee bit down the road, but no more views of Lake Norman). Here is what my office looks like today:

Everything I have fits in two boxes, the second of which isn’t even full. Buck is here helping me. Mostly he just pants and slobbers, but I’m pretty sure he thinks he is doing a good job of protecting me from the UPS man. All that is left on my desk is my bamboo plant and my pharmacy corner, complete with: hand sanitizer, vitamin b, water bottle, warm vanilla sugar lotion, my coffee mug, biotin, eye drops, and extra strength antacid. I also still have a colorful map of the United States taped onto my wall. It is printed on 8.5 x 11 paper and it makes me feel like a 4th grade Social Studies teacher. Really I just need it for the state abbreviations for marketing related tasks. Yes, people make fun of me here. No, I don’t care. Numbers and places just aren’t my thing. Let me write you a sentence.

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