The Scoop

From the very beginning, the scoop has played a major role in my relationship with Ryan; yet it wasn’t until last weekend that we actually found it. Maybe you are confused. You see, the word “scoop” (more so the noun than the verb) can be used in a vast array of different situations. Our favorite is to use it as a replacement word for “thing”. “Thing” is such a weird, blah word anyway – it is basically just sitting around asking to be replaced. After all, “thing” was definitely on the middle school word wall of words not to use (you know, right next to “good” and “big” and “stuff”).

Most frequently, “scoop” gets used in the following scenario, which can be verbalized, texted, or emailed: “(insert number here … example: 4) Scoops: (insert a three item list here)”. Try it. Like this:

4 Scoops:
1) Can you stop by the market and pick up a stalk of celery for me?
2) I just accidentally ordered a new dress today.
3) What time do you want to eat dinner?
4) I love you.

See. It’s fantastic. And you can say anything you want in your lists. So we do. Lots of times an “ILY” sneaks in there (see above). And so here we’ve been, scooping away for the past 15 months, and then … there she was. Right there in Holden Beach. The Scoop.

What kind of scoops do you have today? How many? And what about your weekend scoops? I hope to have some good ones. I’m definitely getting one BIG scoop of Alekzander tomorrow, and that makes my heart very happy. (I think “very” and “happy” were both on that list too. I know “big” definitely was.)

So now is as good of a time as any to make this one-big-very-sad scoop of an announcement:  I've decided to quit ice cream.  This may be temporary.  But stay tuned.

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ashley said...

Horrendous idea. Giving up ice cream not coming to see Alekzander. Frozen yogurt doesn't count, does it? That was on our to-do list at the end of our hot walk tomorrow.